GRP Group brokers achieve an “Excellent” score in survey of over 80,000 commercial clients

GRP Group Thinking Risk

GRP recently emailed over 80,000 commercial broking clients with the objective of better understanding how Group brokers are performing in terms of client satisfaction.

The feedback provided will also help us to better understand what elements of service clients most value, and focus our efforts to improve.

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) question was included asking respondents to rate on a scale of 1 – 10 how likely they would be to recommend their GRP broker. This standard question provides a benchmark in terms of customer satisfaction.

Half of the respondents gave their broker “10 out of 10”, with 84% providing a score of 8 or above.

The standard NPS score calculation for GRP brokers was 58. Given that a score above 0 is considered “good”, and over 50 is “Excellent”, this is an encouraging result.

Some key elements of feedback include:

  • When asked about the most important factor in choosing their insurance broker, respondents said they valued the professionalism of the person they deal with most strongly, followed by lowest price, then ease and convenience of placing insurance.

  • Clients choose their broker on the basis of service, recommendation and convenience:

  • Clients mentioned a range of elements which together make for a great service, with fast response time, ease of contact, competitive pricing, and professional, knowledgeable staff at the top of the list.

Mike Bruce, GRP Group MD commented:

“We are extremely grateful to the clients who took time to provide this valuable feedback. It is encouraging to see that the hard work which goes on across the country in GRP broker offices is appreciated.

The results at broker level have been shared with our businesses, who will be using this feedback to drive service improvements, and address any issues raised”