Mike Bruce interviewed by Insurance Business on acquisitions during the coronavirus pandemic

GRP Chief Executive Mike Bruce has been featured in an interview published in Insurance Business which paints a positive picture of the acquisition pipeline for GRP, with strong vendor relationships and the use of technology keeping the Group’s deal flow on track.

Mike also notes how effective GRP businesses have been in continuing to provide a quality service to local clients during the lockdown, often working from home and using platforms such as Zoom to communicate instead of face to face meetings:

““if anything, through utilising technology and keeping abreast of the challenges facing their clients, many brokers have perhaps had more face-time with their clients than they would have before the lockdown struck.

I can see that being something we carry forward,” he said. “We always look at working in an effective and efficient manner, but I believe you can still do that and retain a local presence which we believe is what customers are looking for. Especially in these more stressful times, having a local friendly face in the community is more reassuring than ever to our customers.”

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