Insurance Business features an interview with Aqua Sanfelice, MD of GRP Fine Art insurance broker Lonmart

Aqua Sanfelice di Monteforte, MD of GRP Lloyds broker Lonmar's fine art division "LONMART" has been interviewed by Insurance Business, providing insight into the world of fine art insurance broking.

Like many others in the insurance sector, Aqua became involved in the industry by chance. She was looking for experience abroad when a position at a global broker came up for a junior who was multi-lingual. Though it was not specifically her love of art that led to her finding her career, Aqua says that this is what has kept her within this sector.

Her key advice for young brokers starting out is to: "Work hard and not take anything for granted. In broking as with any role, you need to work hard and you need to have patience."

On how to become a successful broker she says:

“When it comes to more complex lines, broking is still a people business. Insurance is very much trust-based, and it’s very difficult to transfer trust through a machine.”

“In insurance, particularly in the art insurance sector, the first step to being a great broker is to build a network of trust and to be careful never to mislead your clients or the insurers you work with. The second step is to stay close to your clients and to understand what they do.”

“If you’re not in insurance,” she said, “you don’t realise what’s important about insurance and what information needs to come out. You really need a broker close to you who understands all the multi-facets of risk.”

About Lonmart:
LONMART is part of GRP Lloyd’s broker LONMAR GLOBAL RISKS LIMITED, and is a leading provider of insurance risk solutions for owners, large multinational galleries and dealers of fine art, jewellers, shippers of high value goods, multinational brands and for high net and ultra-high net worth individuals, worldwide.

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